How to find the source table of a Snowflake federated DataSet?


This is probably a trivial question. I've created a Snowflake federated DataSet after selecting the Snoflake account, database schema and source table. Once the DataSet has been created, how to find the Snowflake table that it queries?

The table schema is prominently displayed in the "View Full Schema" section of the DataSet page, but I can't seem to find the *name* of the table itself.

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    @danidiaz are you asking for the name of the table in Snowflake? or the name of the dataset as represented in Domo?

    The name of the dataset in Domo will be in the UI. You will not see the name of the source table. (that would defeat the whole concept of federated query :P)

    You won't get the name of source table in snowflake, b/c to show that you'd have to expose the query to the end-user (keep in mind in your federated query you could combine multiple tables into one dataset which you surface in Domo). That fact alone makes it unreasonable to expect the Domo UI to display the source table name. If you want the dataset in Domo to have a source table name ... name it thusly.

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