How do I create a filter to show only the UPPERCASE records in a spreadsheet?

I am importing a CSV file. It has both UPPERCASE and lowercase entries in a single column. I would like to filter out all the records that are not UPPERCASE. The end result would be that all mixed case and lowercase entries would NOT be displayed.

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @PSMTQsecofr

    You can use a beast mode to do something similar. MySQL / Beast Modes have access to the UPPER and LOWER functions however there is no function to Proper Case a string so this defaults to "Mixed Case" if it's not either upper or lower case. It should still solve your issue of wanting to filter only Upper Case records. You'd just need to add the beast mode to your filter in the analyzer when designing your card.

    CASE WHEN `field` = UPPER(`field`) THEN 'Upper Case'
         WHEN `field` = LOWER(`field`) THEN 'Lower Case'
         ELSE 'Mixed Case'
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  • This is the Excel command to identify fields by case.

    =IF(EXACT(A2,UPPER(A2)),"Upper Case",IF(EXACT(A2,LOWER(A2)),"Lower Case",IF(EXACT(A2,PROPER(A2)),"Proper Case","Other")))

  • Thanks. I'll give it a go and post my results.

  • Got me to where I needed to go, Thanks!