Combining outputs from 4 different cards and 4 datasets I don't want to join together


Hoping there's an easy answer to this.

I have 4 different cards coming from 4 different datasets with no common fields. So I don't want to join them together.

The 4 cards created are 1 number cards showing a dollar calculation (let's call it "profit").

Card #1: Profit from Sales ($100)

Card #2: Profit from Operations ($200)

Card #3: Profit from Investments ($300)

Card #4: Profit from Services ($400)

I would like to create a fifth card that shows the total of the 4 cards above added together.

Is there a way to export the values from each card so I can then add them together in a fifth summary card?

Maybe the way to do this is to manipulate the datasets in ETL before -- although I am not well versed in creating complex ETL yet...

Thanks. James

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  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🥷
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    If the numbers you want to combine are each in different datasets, then you will need to use Magic ETL to bring them together. You would add all 4 of your datasets as input datasets in Magic ETL and then use the Append Rows tile to bring them all together and choose the option to include all columns. Add your output dataset and then build your card off this newly created dataset.

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