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I cannot for the life of me figure out why this "where" clause is giving me troubles, I have used this logic a thousand times with no problems.

The problem is coming on my join of c to a. Specifically, it seems to happen with my "where c.result_code is greater or equal to 9.5 and c.result_code is less than or equal to 11.99

When I run this, it returns 0 rows for me, which is not correct. there are many rows that fall between 11.99 and 9.5

If I remove either the greater equal to 9.5 or the less than or equal 11.99, i get results

The only thing I can thing of is that this column is a char column? (char(5), null) and it also sometimes stores letters? other than that I have no idea

select a.product_id,






From product_header a

left join product_latest_status b

on a.product_id = b.product_id

inner join lab_unit_test_result c

on a.unit_number = c.unit_number and (c.test_code = 'CCPQ' and (c.result_code >= '9.5' and c.result_code <= '11.99'))


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    If it is a char column, you can't do a numeric type between statement. You would need to convert your column to numeric and then either write it as

    (c.result_code >= 9.5 and c.result_code <= 11.99)


    (c.result_code BETWEEN 9.5' and 11.99)

    If result_code contains non-numeric characters, you would need to create another column that only has the numeric values from result_code and use that column in your where clause

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  • Thanks, this was helpful. I did try_cast [column] as float between 9.5 and 11.99 and it is working now

    First i tried to do it as numeric but for some reason it would include 12.0-12.2 in the return