Impact of deletion ETL, input datasets

eriena 🟡
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Let me send my question.

Several Input datasets, ETL, one output dataset, and the cards are linked in sequence.

Those input datasets are no longer updated, so the output dataset will not change anymore.

As a result, ETL and input datasets are no longer needed.

If I delete the ETL and those input datasets, will the output dataset and card remain intact?


Let me do one more question,

I want to save the logic even if I remove the ETL from Domo.

The input dataset can be saved in Excel.

Can I save the ETL as well?









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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    You can select all the items in your Magic ETL and then choose copy to clipboard and then paste it into any text editor and it will copy all the logic to the text file that you can save for later. You can then paste it back into another ETL if you wish to use it again later.

    The output dataset will remain intact if you delete the dataflow.

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  • eriena
    eriena 🟡
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    Thank you for your comment. I could solve my question.

    1) Select ETL box holding shift key down.

    2) Clipboard message come up the left bottom side of ETL screen.

    3) To Copy ETL, Shift + C

    4) To past ETL Shift + P

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    Answer ✓

    you probably shouldn't delete the dataflow.

    if you ever want to update that output dataset again, it will be a non-trivial challenge to push new data into it.

    if it were me i'd leave all the content there. if you MUST get rid of input datasets to save on row count then just delete the inputs. there's no cost to having dataflows in Domo.

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