Powerpoint plug-in unable to change page filters


I am trying to use the powerpoint plug-in for customer presentations by changing the customer id using a page filter.

In the Domo Choose Cards Wizard, I get the Choose the page filter to apply option but am unable to select any other customer id apart from the default.

This means that to change the customer id, I have to go to the page and set the filter then back to Powerpoint to export the cards before another user goes to the page and changes it. Not exactly optimal in a multi user environment.

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    I believe that the page filters save per user. So you wouldn't be racing against your other users to export the cards. The Powerpoint plugin simply exports the view of the cards that you had last filtered for.

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  • ST-Superman-,

    Thanks for the reply, it got me to properly read the pop ups that show when I save the page filters or remove page filters. I had half read that the filters would change for all participant users. If you remove the page filters participant users cannot reinstate them.

    My bad!!