Facebook App Connector: Ad Accounts v Page Accounts



I'm noticing that the quick app for Facebook only reels in page accounts and not advertising metrics. Is there anyway we can have a connector for Facebook Ads, similar to Twitter ads? 

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  • They've created a Facebook ads connector. What's weird is I can't see it when I try to connect a dataset, but i definitely have a Facebook Ads connection. However, my account manager set it up, so it might still be in beta and you may have to get someone at DOMO to set it up for you.


    Forewarning, the API is a nightmare, and not at all logically laid out. Also, you currently have to enter in your personal login information, even if it's under a Business Manager account, which is a bit unsettling. 

  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @Court for review.

  • @swyatt


    We do have a connector for Facebook Ads. Please work with your Account Executive to gain access to this connector. 

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