Any graph/plot that can help show moment of people between different categories over time?

People are classified into groups based on their activity. And the group a person can belong to changes over time. So people move between these groups as time passes. A person can belong to only one group. Is there a graph on Domo that can help me visualise this? i.e. How many people moved from Group 1 to Group 4 in ANY given time period?

Something like the Sankey Diagram shown below. Thanks!

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Domo does have a Sankey chart you can use. You will find under Other Charts in the chart types. Here's information on how to power it.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @MarkSnodgrass and @user018766

    Yes, if you want Sankey, Domo has it ... definitely google-able... lol.

    The part you might have challenges with is making sure the data is structured the correct way.

    Domo Sankeys do not support loops. Ex. user starts in group 1, goes to group 2 goes back to group 1.

    You can visualize where they started and ended their journey. like you're demonstrating above, but i think the aforementioned nuance is important.

    It's interesting that you emphasized "in any time period" ... your data just have to have that information in order to visualize it. and your data would have to be structured 'the right way'. You'll have to think through the boundaries of what you mean by "in any time period", like ... do you want to show peopleClassification Journey over time by month, that's one thing. but if you want to be able to pick custom boundaries (June 4 to July 27) that might be a bit more difficult.

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