Seeing X axis data in chronological order



I have created a card that shows revenue data by quarter. I want the quarters to be displayed in chronological order (Q1FY15, Q2FY15 and so on). Right now the card shows Q1FY15 Q1FY16 Q2FY15......etc.


How do I change the display of quarters to be in chronological order?




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  • mhealy
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    The data in the excel spreadsheet I was using as my data set had a slight typo in one of the date entries. All the other entries were noted as Q4FY16 and one set of  data was entered as Q3FY-16 so rather than showing the data chronologically, DOMO pulled it in as Q1FY15, Q1FY16.... Once I found the typo and fixed it Domo put it in the correct chronological order.