Dynamic Goals by employee title

I'm trying to set up a card to show employee performance against a corporate goal that is variable based on the employee title. Certain employees need to submit a report, and the # of reports they have to submit is either a certain number per day, per week, or per site visit, depending on their title.

I have one dataset that captures report submitted by employee and the date submitted, and another dataset that captures the goal definition and title (i.e. 3 per week | employeeTitle).

I'm not sure how to structure this dataset to determine if the goal is being met.

Has anyone done something similar to this, or have some suggestions of how to approach it?

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    If your employee report dataset contains employee title then I would take that dataset and then bring into Magic ETL and use then join it to your goals dataset that contains employee title, frequency (day, week, visit), and goal number (3, 5, 9, etc.).

    I would then use multiple filter tiles to separate them, one for each frequency. Next, use group by tiles to group by day for your day filter, group by week for the week filter, and site for the site filter.

    At this point, you should be able to append them all back together. You may want to think about a common date field such as month/year if you want to be able to show activities during a particular month. You can create this field during your ETL process.

    For card type, I would suggest the Bullet Chart as it has an actual value field and a target value field, which would work nicely for this data.

    Hope this helps.

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