Adobe Analytics JWT v2 Connector Multiple Segments

Hi, I'm wondering if there's any way to apply 2 (or more) segments to an Adobe Analytics report built through the JWT v2 connector. I realize a possible workaround is to just go and create a new segment in AA which combines the rules from the 2 or more segments, but this is not always feasible based on the number of reports, segments, etc to be worked with. Thanks!


  • Hi @t238, how did you go with this?

    Admittedly, there's not much resources available online on Adobe Analytics connectors and Domo but what I understand from this article [], there's a limit to the segments you can bring through your report (i.e. Just 1 segment). Using the OAuth route, you can bring in multiple segments but that has a token refresh limitation. It's worth bringing your case to your Customer Success representative and/or arranging consulting hours if you haven't already and want to avoid the workaround of having multiple reports setup through JWT.

    Also, there's the option of creating the report on the AA Workspace and then setting up a email forwarding connector to Domo. Food for thought if anything else.