Dynamic rank and filter lowest granularity - graph at aggregate level

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We are so close to the solution we need!

We are utilizing a Beast Mode to calculate the rank percentile of each row dynamically as other quick filters are applied (date, location, etc.).

We are also using that rank percentile as a quick filter so the user can say: "give me the top X% of rows based on all the filters I have selected."

Here’s where the challenge comes. We need the visual to be graphed at the weekly level, but the rank percentile to be calculated at the lowest level of granularity. When I aggregate my visual to the weekly level, the rank percentile also recalculates to the weekly level. Is there a way to keep the rank percentile at the lowest level of granularity - while still dynamically changing based on other filters - and then graph at an aggregate level?

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @jorgy

    There isn't really a way you can dynamically calculate the rank and then graph by the week because of how Domo interprets aggregations. You may need to pre-aggregate your data using an ETL but you won't be able to filter at this level dynamically based on your card filters.

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  • Hi @GrantSmith,

    Thanks for your response! We did consider pre-aggregating our data, but our issue is that we need business user input that filters the dataset down before the pre-aggregation step can happen. In other words, we need more of a "parameter" type function that business users can use to easily manipulate the scope of the dataset through a business user interface (not a developer or power user interface).

    We will most likely be utilizing a custom app solution for this project.

    Thanks for your help!