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Anyone already use a external chatbot with DOMO?

Our idea is use a external application to ask simple questions like "What's my total sales in Jan/21 of product X?" and that application will log in DOMO, pull the data from dataset or card (is possible to return a card, too) and place the response to the user... Or in a preconfigurated hour, place a card ou a information to whatsapp/Hougouts


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    oh. fun project.

    i see it as two steps.

    1) you'd have to get your chatbot to translate your question into a dataset with a set of filters.

    2) you translate that response into an API request.

    the second part is not so hard. the first part though ... if it were me i would have one table that has my data pre-aggregated such that it has a column "metric type", <columns to filter on> , "amount"

    then when the chatbot asks "whats my total sales in January" i have to translate that into the metric "total sales" , Period = "January 21", Product = "X"

    then that has to get translated into a domo query (see the SQL API) and then use developer token (developer.domo.com) to authenticate.

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