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Ashleigh Florida 🟣

Is there a dataset in the appstore somewhere that has every holiday in each country?

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣
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    Ended up figuring out a solution using the Google Calendar connector. I added the country holiday calendars into my google calendar account and then imported each calendar into Domo. I then joined them with the Domo Dimension Calendar table to get a list of the next two years with all the holidays for each country identified. We only have certain holidays off so I used a formula to identify those. There may be a more efficient way to combine this data but this was my first cut.

    In the Formula tile I made a new field that merged both US and Hungary holidays together that way I was only using one field.

    End result is two calendars that allow us to see our office closures and all holidays.

    Our use case for this was to help us manage a team that consist of US an international employees. Helps us keep track of when people are going to be out or not. I might try and go a step further and bring in our outlook calendars to show a team meeting chart or something 😄