How to filter for Tags (many-one relationship - multiple tags per field)

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I have a dataset containing tags in which a row might have multiple tags applied. For example:

Keyword -- Tag(s)

Car -- blue

truck -- green, red

bike -- yellow, red, purple

How can I set up a filter for a dashboard/card which will allow me to filter down to just trucks and bikes when I filter by "red". Or just trucks when I filter by "green". Or cars and bikes when I filter by "blue" and "purple"?

I've tried case statements in Beast Mode (i.e. Case when Tag(s) like '%green%' then 'green' when Tag(s) like '%blue%' then... but it appears the Beast mode will select the first one that's applicable for each... so if I filter by "red" with this, it won't include either the trucks or bikes....

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @User_32265

    You could use a contains filter instead of selecting a value from the list. Alternatively you could have your dataset list each record with the different tag for each record making sure to handle any possible duplicate records in your card processing.

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  • Thanks Grant. Are there any particular techniques you can advise on for handling duplicate records in my card processing?

    If my example was the complete dataset, I'd want just 3 fields being pulled (car, truck, bike) if no filters were applied. Or if the user selects "yellow" and "purple", just one field (bike) would pop up (not 2: bike-yellow and bike-purple).

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @GrantSmith is giving you solid advice.

    Typically there are two ways to handle 'mult-valued columns'.

    1) you can increase your row count (one row per value) OR

    2) you can add columns for isGreen isBlue isRed.

    to handle avoid showing duplicate records, you could UNION a version of the row (car, truck bike) with the color "All Colors" this way when you filter to "All Colors" you know you don't have row duplication.

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