% of total in dynamic Textbox

Trying to get a dynamic textbox to display the following:

"Sale Type 1:"



"Sale Type 2:"



Looking at a few other questions asked on this forum, % of Total does not seem possible for dynamic textboxes. I have tried using Flex tables with the horizontal bar chart, but % of total only does it for each sale type, not as a % of total sales.

Is there a way to do % of total sales either in a dynamic textbox, flex table, or even a pivot table? I am trying to put this in a fairly small box on a story dashboard, so a large nested bar chart will not work.



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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Percent of total typically requires using window functions in beast modes, which is not enabled by default. If it isn't enabled, ask your CSM to enable window functions in beast modes. You can then use the following beast mode to calculate the percent of total:

    sum(sum(amount)) over ()

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