I need to calculate cumulative backlog in card for the data filtered by various categories and date

This is the data for my chart. I have to show ticket created count ,ticket closed count and cumulative backlog count datewise . The dynamic filters are severity, domain, sub domain and date. The chart has to be look like below. The below chart is taken from excel report. I have to achieve this in domo. please provide ideas .


  • Hi @mahee84, in order to get that graph view, follow these steps:

    • Select 'Line + grouped bar' in Chart Types
    • Drag in your 'Cumulative Backlog' field in the X axis and then either Daily date fields in 1st Series spot and then the other Daily date field in 2nd Series column
    • At the moment, it'll show as one bar and one graph so then you'll go into Chart Properties -> General -> Series on Left Scale and type in '2'
    • Once applied, it'll show as 2 lines which then means you should add in your 'Ticket No' field to the 3rd Series column, resulting in a bar with two lines
    • Afterwards, it's tidying up the y-axes in Chart Properties -> Value Scale, and other elements to match your Excel report.

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    cumulative backlog is just a window function

    sum(sum(1)) over (order by date)

    the trick is to know if on a date the ticket is still open

    case when date<= closeDate then 1 else 0 end.

    course this only works assuming you have a ticket on every single day or you might end up with gaps in your data.


    good luck!

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