How to set a default date-filter for iFrame-embedded dashboard?


First, this dashboard will be viewed embedded in a webpage iFrame. These seem to behave differently in a lot of regards, to please keep this in mind.

Okay...I have 18 months of data and growing. I want users to arrive on this dashboard page and see the previous TWELVE months by default.

But I want them able to change that filter and see all 18 months of data if they want. And I want them able to change the filter for the entire dashboard, not just one card.

And by default I want the data grouped by WEEK -- but again, the user should be able to change this.

For an iFrame-embedded Domo dashboard.



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    My understanding is that Default Filters aren't supported on embedded dashboards currently. You could default all the cards you have on your page to view the last 12 months via the date picker and put a calendar filter card on your dashboard to allow users to select different time frames. Doing a different graph by option in an embedded dashboard isn't possible at this time.

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  • Have you created a filter view and saved it as the default? You should be able to set all of your criteria with the date range filter in the top right of the dashboard and then save it as the default. See this KB article for more information:

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  • Yep, tried that. That's why I emphasized that this is going to be embedded in an iFrame.

    When viewed thru an iFrame by a (non-logged-in) user, those prepared filter views aren't included in the filter bar.

  • When you chose to embed the dashboard, which options did you select?

    According to this KB article, it indicates that the page filters will display if the Allow interactions and filtering are checked.

    • Allow interactions and filtering. Allows you to enable interactions and filtering on embedded Dashboard Cards. You should turn off this option if you want to lock down your embedded content (usually only for public embed).

    • Interactions include such actions as opening the Card details view in a new browser tab, opening a specified web page, and enabling drilldown into the Card. For more information about configuring interactions in Dashboards, see Setting Card interactions.

    • Filtering in this case refers to the use of Page filters, which are discussed in Applying Page-Level Filters. Note that when you embed a Dashboard publicly, all columns on all DataSets used in the Page are available for filtering whether the columns are used in Cards or not. However, you can block access to sensitive columns by disabling interactions on the Cards (as explained in Setting Card interactions) or transforming the data to exclude the columns.  

    Sorry, I don't have a way to test this on my end right now, so I'm relying on what the KB articles indicate to try and help you.

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  • My options settings...

    How it looks from inside Domo. Perfect...

    How it looks embedded in the iFrame. No "Filter Views" dropdown, just the "+" icon next to it.

    On clicking the "+" icon I just get the usual list of DataSet fields, not my filter.

    If I uncheck "Show filter bar" from the embedding options, I obviously lose that whole bar.

    Checking that again and unchecking "Allow interactions and filtering" brings back the filter bar...but doesn't give me what I'm looking for.

  • Definitely seems like you followed all the correct steps. Either there is a bug, or the Filter Views feature is not completely built out to handle embedding properly. I would suggest sending this thread or these screenshots along with an explanation of your situation to support and see if they can confirm the bug/missing feature and get it addressed. You can start a ticket by e-mailing them at [email protected]

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    **Make sure to <3 any users posts that helped you.
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  • @MarkSnodgrass and @GrantSmith, many thanks to both of you!