Birthday calendar

Looking for a way to put team member's birthdays and anniversaries onto a calendar card for the team to see.

Thanks in advance

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  • FME_Cavinder
    FME_Cavinder ⚪️
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    Found a cheat way, just created a BM to put everything into the current year.

    date((SUBSTRING(CURRENT_DATE(),1,4) * 10000) + (MONTH(`BDAT_DATE`) * 100) + DAY(`BDAT_DATE`) )


  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🥷
    edited October 2021

    I would suggest using the calendar card. Then, if your data contains their actual birthday, to get their birthday into the current year, you could use this beast mode:

    ADDDATE(`birthdate`, interval (YEAR(CURRENT_DATE())-YEAR(`birthdate`)) year)

    Here's a link to the KB article for the calendar card.

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣

    @FME_Cavinder I'm sure my method is a little outdated but for anniversary dates I have a table card that just shows employees and all their service dates. I then use this beastmode to color anything within 30 days.


    when DAYOFYEAR(`Latest Hire date`) - DAYOFYEAR(CURDATE()) < 0 then 'Past Date' 

    when DAYOFYEAR(`Latest Hire date`) - DAYOFYEAR(CURDATE()) <= 30 then 'Within 30 days' 

    when DAYOFYEAR(`Latest Hire date`) - DAYOFYEAR(CURDATE()) > 30 then 'More then 30 days' 


    Then I use this BM to filter on Next Month and send a report to the managers so they know which of their employees have upcoming service days.


    When MONTH(`Latest Hire date`) = MOD(MONTH(CURDATE()),12) + 1 then 'Next Month' 

    else 'Other'