How do I add a stacked bar chart that shows month-to-date compared to last year?

I have a stacked bar chart that has each category broken down into available inventory, unavailable inventory, and on floor inventory. Basically I would like this chart to keep its format, but I would like to compare it with last year.

The period-over-period charts that I have messed with have dramatically changed this format and I would like to keep the chart how it looks if possible. Thanks!

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @Pierce13

    Typically when doing period over period charts I'll use a custom offset dataset along with bar + line type graphs to display prior values. I've done a write up previously on this methodology here:

    In a line + bar graph you can define the number of fields to plot as lines under the general settings and you need to list have them first in your list. You can also create some beast modes to calculate the current year, last year and difference values with something like:

    Last Year Unavailable:

    SUM(CASE WHEN `Period Type` = 'Last Year' and `Inventory` = 'Unavailable' THEN `quantity` END)

    Just then drag the different values depending on how you want it displayed on your line + bar graph.

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