Cloud connector or Workbench to get data into instance.?

Is cloud connector better approach than workbench to get data into instance or vice-versa?. It would be really help if you can elaborate or differentiate between both.

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
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    Hi @Tsharma8724

    The main difference is from a security standpoint. The cloud connector will have Domo connect directly to your database and are typically easier to get up and running. With workbench Domo doesn’t have direct access to your database but rather you have a local windows machine that will connect to your databases and then that wi does machine will send the data up to Domo giving only a single point for Domo to get data. As this adds an additional layer it can add extra administrative overhead. It depends on your needs which method you’d like to use.

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