Domo Publish Enhancements

I recently got Domo Publish and have a ton of feedback. Here are some of the things I have noticed so far

  1. When you publish a dashboard the data will refresh but if any updates are made to the dataset, such as adding a new column or changing the data type, the federated dataset will not update to reflect those changes. This is annoying because now I have to unsubscribe from the job and re publish it. I would have thought this would be automatic or at least given me some sort of notification that my underlying dataset changed.
  2. Would be super cool if I could publish a parent page without every single child page.
  3. Would be super cool if I could publish children pages without parent pages.
  4. Can we remove the need for PDPs? I'll add them if I want but sometimes I don't need them and its annoying that I am forced to add them. I end up just adding the default group.
  5. If you have a timestamp field and two instances have different time zones, the publish will switch your data. Took me forever to figure out why all my dates changes. And when I went to change it to a Date type I experienced the issue mentioned in the first suggestion.
  6. Finding some way to handle when two instances have different fiscal years. One of my instances did not have fiscal year setup and so when I went to publish I could not figure out why none of my data worked. Would be nice to have got some sort of flag or indicator telling me it was due to fiscal years.
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