Question related to case when formula in beast mode


I would like to ask about the beast mode formula related to this situation. I would like to get the data like this:

  1. If rating 'Superb' and 'Outstanding' are below 10 % then it's 'Below'
  2. If rating 'Superb' and 'Outstanding' are above 35% then it's 'Over'
  3. However, 'Superb' shouldn't be more than 5%

What is the suitable formula in beast mode to answer the case above?

Thank you!




  • Hi @ndldty, I would recommend splitting your `rating' field in the data set. Instead of relying more on the beast mode calculations, for example through a nested beast mode, you can utilise Magic ETL to make it easy to call those different ratings to then code your beast modes (whether for this case or for future ones). Have a read of this to split your data column:

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Hi @ndldty

    You can do something like this with a case statement (assuming superb and outstanding are separate value columns):

    WHEN `Superb` < 0.10 AND `Outstanding` < 0.10 THEN 'Below'
    WHEN `Superb` > 0.35 AND `Outstanding > 0.35 THEN 'Above'

    As for the Superb can't be more than 5% that doesn't really fit with your other logic - Meaning it can never be above. Can you clarify the Superb can't be more than 5% statement?

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