Drill Path from same Dataset returns zero value

Hello Dojo!

Basically, I have a page that shows the most viewed pages, what we want to see in the drill path is when we drill down, the most viewed cards on those most viewed page.

when I do it from separate cards, I can show them fine, one card has the most viewed page the other the most viewed card. they are using the same dataset by the way.

Here's the filters for the most viewed pages

and here's the filter for the most viewed cards

in separate cards, it works.

but if I use the filters for the most viewed cards in the drill path of the most viewed pages, it results to nothing.


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
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    I think I understand what's going on now. The activity log doesn't tell you which card is part of which page.

    Are you wanting to count a page view as a card view? Card Views are only counted when a user views the detail view of a card and not when it's displayed on a page.

    If you're wanting to count just the card detail views in your drill path you'd need to combine the activity log and the cards + pages dataset together based on the card ID and the object ID and making sure to filter for only CARD types. Then you'd need to rename the Page Name field to the same name as the Activity log field for the page (Object_Name). This would then allow you to filter in the drill path on the same name and pull all card view activities to calculate.

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  • Hi @WorldWarHulk

    When you're going into the drill path what are you clicking on? The drill path will add whatever you click on as the extra filter which is likely causing you to not have any results. I'm likely guessing that you're clicking on the Object_Name field for the page name and then when you're going to the card level it's filtering for cards but applying the Object_Name of the page instead of the cards as the filter so you won't have any results in your drill path. You'd need to rename a column (or create a calculated field) to pull out the name if it's a page and one when it's a card and then go based off of those values instead of Object_Name.

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  • Hi GrantSmith

    Got it. so I need to create an Objectname for Page and Objectname for Card.

    I will try that.

  • Hi GrantSmith

    basically, the object name has the card info and the page info.

    I tried creating a beastmode to pull the card out of the object name.

    I put the beastmode inside the drill path

    in the analyzers visualization, it looks like it works, but when I go out and try it, it still doesnt give the most viewed card of the most viewed page.

    here is the filters to show the most viewed pages

    here's the filter after we drill down trying to show the most viewed cards inside the pages

    I am using the beastmode.

    and here's the beastmode

    case when `Action`= 'viewed' and `Object_Type`= 'card' then `Object_Name`

    else 'Other'



  • Thanks GrantSmith!

    That did it!!!