SSO Sign-in Problem with Domo Mobile App for Android

Tow Tokyo ⚪️

We are using the Domo Mobile App and signing in using SSO (SAML). We are having the problem with the Android version, does anyone know of a solution?


Launch the App for Android -> Domo sign in screen -> SSO (IDP) -> Domo sign in screen -> (Loop)

What we have tried:

- Domo activity log shows successful SSO sign-in

- App cache and data deleted

- Android rebooted.

I suspect it's a bug in the Web View cache control in the Android App, but I'm not sure.


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  • Tow
    Tow Tokyo ⚪️

    Thank you for your answer, @amehdad. There is no error message.

    It just loops between the sign-in screen and the SSO authentication form.

    Looking at the logs, both the IDP side and Domo authentication are successful, so I think it's an issue with the application.