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Hello! I'm ready to sign-up for the Data Specialist Certification but I'd like to have a better understanding of what to expect. The cert description says it takes 12 hours. Can someone who has taken the cert explain what that means? Do you get a 12 hour window to complete the exams once you push start? Do you get a clock with 12 hours on it that ticks down as long as the exam is open and you're working on it but pauses if you step away? Should you budget 12 total hours to actively work on the exam over multiple days?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    If I recall, the exam is a two-part exam. One part is a multiple choice exam that is around 20 questions. You do have to complete it once you start it, but only takes about 30 minutes and they give you a big window to complete. The 2nd part is an "offline exercise" that you will complete and upload your finished product by either producing screenshots or a screen recording. They estimate that the two parts could take up to 12 hours of work, but you are not under a timer for the 2nd part.

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  • I second @MarkSnodgrass answer, and would also like to add that the 12 hours of work estimate also includes the actual training materials you review as part of the certification prior to taking the exam. Within the certification, the knowledge test (multiple choice) is a timed 2 hours, and the practical exam is an estimated 2 hours.

  • @MarkSnodgrass and @mhouston do they provide you with the training materials as part of signing up for the certification or are we required to research that on our own?

  • kboudrie
    kboudrie Monroe, MI ⚪️

    eLearning - Domo University | Training | ELearning | Certification

    If you go to the link above and scroll down to Learn by Role, the Domo Professional Training is for the Domo Professional cert, Data Specialist Training for Data Specialist cert, and MajorDomo Training for MajorDomo cert. I just passed my Data Specialist cert yesterday. The training gives you all the info you need to pass the cert, although plenty of practice certainly makes it easier.

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    @Culper_Jr - Yes, it's included.

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  • @kboudrie and @Culper_Jr also the MajorDomo certification is inclusive of both the Domo Profession and the Data Specialist trainings/certifications (so you cover all the material in those and take those exams too, meaning you'll take a total of 6 exams).