Governance datasets with Dataset source name

AnwarBham 🟡
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Hi , we are using the azure gen2 data connector, is there a governance dataset that contains

directory name and Select File name .

so we are not duplicating the same dataset twice.

i have looked in the Gov Datasets and i cant find any field that relates to the settings section.

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 🟣
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    @AnwarBham you could try putting those fields in the description of your dataset and then using the governance dataset to grab and parse out the description. You would just have to make sure all the azure datasets have the description in the same format.


  • If it is like another Microsoft connector, you will have to manually type in the directory that it is located in:

    Example for sub-sub-directory: test/test/test

    Once the directory path is populated, the select file dropdown should give you a list to choose from.

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  • Thanks for your response , but i just want a list of azure datasets in domo and the source file names that are being used.

  • Hi @AnwarBham

    That level of detail doesn’t exist in the governance/metadata tables and isn’t easily available without getting very technical with some API calls

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  • i have used the python API before with domo , can i invoke a method datasets.get or what pydomo library does the attribute reside in thanks.

  • Thanks @Ashleigh this solution means going through all the datasets and extracting the source and name of the file and adding them to the description. until domo improve the governance dataset i guess this will be the only option