Metadata clean up card created reveals 2 user ID's and both Cards & Pages not in Admin Portal

I attended the Virtual User Group conference on 1/12 and created the dataflow shared by John Stevens in our instance. Incredibly helpful! However, it revealed a number of pages and cards with no 'Display Name' (owner). Within the admin section, I am not able to find the pages or the cards using the filters. When I search for pages/cards with no owner, I don't have any. I've isolated this down to 2 User ID's that are not in the 'People' dataset.

If I can't find the pages/cards that are identified, how do I remove them?

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 🟣
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    @Dot_Perez yea those do look like Business in a Box, I think I had the same issue before where they only showed up if someone interacted with them and so I just had the entire feature disabled.


  • @Andrew_Chaffin works with John Stevens and may be able shed some light on finding these missing items. Andrew, any help you can provide?

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  • @Dot_Perez any chance these are the same pages? I have alwayshad these show up and can never locate them from the admin pages menu. Overview, Alerts, Shared, and Favorites make sense but I have no clue where the other ones are from.

  • @Ashleigh Thanks for taking a look. These are the cards below. These seem like they may be Business in a Box pages, but I'm not sure, and not all of them.