Colors not applied when viewing a card on the Dashboard

BrittanyD ⚪️
edited January 4 in Charting

I'm seeing a weird issue where the Colors applied to a card are not applied when I view the Card on the Dashboard.

When I open the Card in detail or Analyzer view, the colors are correct.

I have 4 of the same cards with 1 filter changed on each, and one of the 4 cards correctly displays the colors...

I do not see any differences besides the one field being filtered differently between my cards, and I don't expect a difference because I created them by using Save As x3.

I updated the Dashboard Background text colors just in case it would make a difference but nothing changed (which makes sense, but just figured I'd check).

I changed the Dashboards where the cards were assigned, no difference.

I recreated the cards, removed and re-applied the colors, verified the color rules and nothing seems to change the output.

Has anyone else come across this or have an idea how I can get the correct Colors to appear while viewing the Cards on the Dashboard?