Beast mode with sum of total regardless of filters

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DAX for PowerBI has a few functions that enable you to ignore certain field filters, allowing you to create a total calculation of the data even if some data is filtered out. This can then be used in the denominator to calculate share % without having to include all items within a group. I think the only way to get the denominator value in Domo is to add it to the data flow and create a column, but I would like to use a beast mode. I am able to create a dynamic share calculation in beast mode, but you can't filter out any of the data - is there a way to make the dynamic beast mode to a "static" calculation? I tried to create a segment so that I could exclude certain filters, but I can't use it in a pivot table. I would appreciate any suggestions, and if something is not clear I can explain better.

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    Hi @dacorson

    You're correct in that you'd have to calculate the total in a dataflow / ETL first and then use that value in your beast mode. Segments are another option they won't work for your specific use case.

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