Where did the Salesforce Advanced Connector go??

I was trying to load new data today, but cannot find the Adapter I was using in the past. I believe it was Salesforce Advanced Connector. It was marked as Preferred.

Or was it replaced by another connector? I tried to use the Salesforce with Upsert, but this is giving me errors...

Thanks for any help!


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  • amehdad
    amehdad 🔵
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    The connector is still there and hasn't been decommissioned or anything like that

    Could you please share what error message you are receiving, and if there have been any recent changes to settings etc based on your Dataset history?


  • It's also worth looping in Support [support.domo.com] to have them look at it as well (and escalate to Dev if it turns out to be a bug in the connector).

  • Thanks for the quick answers!! I was searching it today in the Connector list. My colleague confirmed, he also does not find it anymore. Existing data connections work though. I will send Screenshots Monday as I am out today.

  • Another colleague sent me this link, so I have at least access to it again https://www.domo.com/appstore/connector/salesforce-advanced-connector/overview.

    Still, when I search for it, it does not show up. Not under Connectors, nor in the Appstore. Screenshot below of what shows up, when I search for Salesforce. Maybe a setting done by our Admins? I will ask them.


  • The SF Connector is back in the Connector search again!