How to create dynamic X range from backend or Beastmode?

At my index chart I would like to create a dynamic index when comparing 2 products.

I need to sum the value sold from each product index and plot as a grouped and stacked bar chart. Sometimes I can have much more volume on "<70" that I would like to see, but to have this today I created at the backend a fixed range.


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    You can build your range dynamically in Magic ETL with the use of the formula tile. I broke it up into groups of 10, but you could break it up into different groups by changing the numbers around if you wanted to. In the screenshots below, I am building a range dynamically using a few formulas:

    This is what it result in:

    You would then place the rangetext field in the x-axis of your card to get and it would show the necessary ranges based on the data.

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  • That's great!!

    I'll try that on SQL script while my federated data connection from SQL server has limitation with Magic ETL.

    thanks all for the support.😀