Can Just One Workbench Be Used On One Domain?

Tow Tokyo ⚪️

Does anyone know more about having multiple users working on Workbench at the same time? The FAQ page states that it is "All Workbench jobs are saved in the cloud and tied to a specific login", but I'm not sure what this means.

From what we have tried, it seems that jobs for the same domain will be synchronised even if they have different authentications (different Domo user accounts) and different machine names.

As described in the FAQ, it seems that the job is overwritten with the settings of the last saved machine. This means that it is not possible to work on the same domain with more than one Workbench.

Is this correct? Or is there a way to manage jobs on the same domain separately?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷
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    You can use multiple workbench servers on the same domain. It’s possible. You’d just want to watch out so you don’t have different workbench jobs updating the same dataset as it’ll get some odd behavior when attempting to update the dataset.

    the documentation is talking about multiple instances of workbench running on the same server but you can have multiple servers running workbench

    Each workbench will have their jobs synchronized across the users for just that machine. You could spin up another machine for different users.

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  • Tow
    Tow Tokyo ⚪️

    Thank you very much for your answer, @GrantSmith. You mean that Workbenches on different servers (which is almost the same as saying "different PCs"?) are not synchronized.

    I was wondering why some Workbench machines were synced and some were not, but I found out that the Workbench machine name is the first 15 characters of the Windows machine name.

    Two of our main machines had 21 characters in their machine names, and the first 15 characters were overlapped. I assume that this caused the Domo server to process multiple Workbenches as the same.