Adding Budget Rows to Actual

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Hello, I have an original cases database in DOMO each row has a case submission and case start, and then I later replicate it all the columns and added the budget we have for the year. I had to unpivot this data in order to create graphs that will put both dates in the same axis.

I would like to show the budget as a third column and for the actual to dont add on the budget on it, since the budget info also has dates for submission and case start but they are fake.

The Budget info has an extra column "Constant" labeled as "Budget"


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
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    Can you just join your budget values to your pivoted dataset based on the date so you have the column for budget?

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  • @GrantSmith thank you I added the Budget as a new label and that did the trick! I kind of realized it when typing my question lol. thanks for bringing more clarification.