Framed Sum in Rank & Window Magic ETL not treating zeroes properly

Hi there,

I'm trying to produce a rolling 12 month total for each month in a dataset, but I'm finding with some of the partitions that I get a negative exponential when I'm expecting it to return zero (all the months are zero - see raw data screenshot). It doesn't seem to happen with every partition that has zero values, so I'm not sure what's going wrong. Has anyone had this issue before?

Thanks, Mike

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  • TheLookout
    TheLookout 🟡
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    Using your screen shots I built a webform and tested this out and I got the same results. I added in an "Alter Columns" tile and CAST the "Total Revenue" column to be a Fixed Decimal and after that the Rank & Window returned 0.0 on the rows I expected to be 0.

    I can't remember exactly why this happens but it is something to do with binary and scientific notation not playing well together.