Changing color of line in line chart

Can someone please tell me how to adjust the color of a line on a line and bar chart? And also how to adjust the axis values (so the Y axis match their respective color - line or bar)?

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    To change the color of the line or bar without it adding additional items in the legend, use the color rules but leave the condition as "always" and then choose your color. This will allow to change the colors of each.

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  • You should be able to just set the color using color rules in to color settings on your card. You can select your beast mode you’re using for the line and tell it to always be a specific color.

    with the line + bat chart you have two separate y axis. The left one is for the line and the right one is for the bars. Your graph is showing a percentage for the line and the amount for the bar so your two y axis are going to be different. If you’re wanting the axis to change color that currently isn’t an option in Domo but would recommend adding it as an idea in the idea exchange.

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  • So Domo isn't able to allow you to change the colors of the Y Axis to match their respective line or bar? That seems pretty basic... 🤨