Certain CSS properties ignored in Beast Mode

brianponath ⚪️
edited January 4 in Beastmode & Analytics

I found in another forum that I can embed HTML elements into a calculated field. I was able to successfully resize my Summary Number this way. As an example, here's the formula for my calculated field that I'm using in the Summary Number.

CONCAT('<div style="font-size:15px; line-height:17px; position:absolute; right:0px, top:-2px;">', 'Sum of cost: ', SUM(`COST`), '<br>Last updated: ', MAX(`_BATCH_LAST_RUN_`), '</div>')

I'm ultimately trying to include two values, the sum of one of my columns (cost in this case), and the time the dataset was last updated. And then I'm trying to resize it and position it to the right of the card. I'm able to do all of these things except position it to the right of the card. When I save the card and inspect the HTML element from the dashboard, I can see both font-size and line-height CSS properties in the div element, but position, right, and top are missing.

Why is this happening? The only thing I can think of is that Domo is ignoring certain CSS positioning properties and not ignoring others for things like font size.