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In Domo Buzz you can start a conversation about a dashboard. But, having tested it, no one who the card is shared with gets told about the conversation unless each individual is @ mentioned in the chat. Is there a setting which alerts all of the people that a measure in the dahboard has been updated?



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  • mhouston
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    You can also use @all to mention everyone in the conversation.


  • Currently it won't send a buzz, likely because that'd be a lot of unnecessary buzz messages users would get. If you're looking to configure a notification when a measure changes have you thought about utilizing an alert to send out a notification to a group that way?

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  • It's a good suggestion. But what I was trying to do was to tell all of the people who had access to a dashboard that I had added some extra cards to the dashboard. I know I can @ mention everyone with access, but I was just wondering if there was an option to send a message to everyone. I guess not.

  • You can do an @ mention to a group name, so if you know the name of the group or groups that have access to the dashboard, that should notify all of them. It would be a good suggestion for the idea exchange to have a @page or something to notify everyone that has access to the page.

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  • Thanks @mhouston , that sounds like a great solution.