Is there any connector developed to get data from SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1?

Hi, I have a requirement to get data from SAP BusinessObjects to DOMO. I researched a bit as to how we can fulfill this requirement and came across this doc: .

It says about a Domo Advanced Builder with a connector for this particular requirement. But I wasn't able to find it on my instance. Can anyone help to get some more info on this?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    I have not heard of the Domo Advanced Builder before. My guess is that it is a premium product that costs money. It may also be deprecated as I don't see it in the Knowledgebase articles anywhere. I would suggest checking with your CSM to determine the status and availability of it.

    You may have come across this article in your searching, but I thought I would share it just in case.

    This article indicates you can use Domo Workbench to connect to Business Objects. If that does work, that would be an easy method and very supported by Domo.

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