Can you find a Beast mode by it's function?


We have a primary data feed and that datafeed contained a 15 digit ID. We recently updated the datafeed to the updated 18 character Account ID and in Domo we used to perform a String Operation that performs a left trim from 18 to 15 characters prior to using a Join Data tile.

We wanted to find all of the Beast Modes that performed the trim String Operation. Is there a way to find Beast Mode by function or possibly by the text they contain? I can only seem to find searches for the name of the function or if the function is on a card or an ETL.

Any ideas?




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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷
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    Hi @IanMaddrell

    You can pull in the Beast Mode metadata using the Domo Governance Datasets Connector and select Beast Mode from the report list. It'll have all the beast modes and the formulas used for you to do a filter on.

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  • That is an amazing idea, I had no clue this was in the governance data. Thanks for the answer.