GA4 Analytics Reporting API - Beta - Request for a GA4 connector


Have you heard the news about GA4 - Analytics Reporting API in BETA version?

If you think a direct connector Domo- GA4 is useful please vote the post :

The sooner Domo starts working on the connector the earliest we can test it.



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  • user044246
    user044246 βšͺ️

    This will be necessary because Google will be phasing out Universal Analytics next year:

  • mmanuzzi
    mmanuzzi 🟠


    As it stands today the alternative is to grap the data via Google services in BigQuery and use the BQ connector to upload the data in Domo.

    That's to say, there is a way to get the data in Domo.

    Having said this, it's important to offer customer with no GCP developer skills to continue having an option to use a GA connector.