DDX HTML Links Dropdown App use

Does anyone have ideas for how to actually use the DDX HTML Links Dropdown App? I've downloaded it and populated the navbar with drop-down links to different cards. However - when I move the nav bar to a dashboard, the dropdowns are limited to the space allocated to the card - so they get cut off. For the app to function, it seems like Domo expected us to allocate a large swath of dashboard real estate to accommodate the dropdowns. Is that right? (I hope not)


  • @elicohen since DDX bricks are so new, I expect to see a lot of future releases addressing issues that come up as people try to use them.

    This appears to be a CSS issue. Have you tried changing the z-index on the navbar menus to see if you can get it to float over cards below this one in your dashboard? I think that is the property to tweak to try and get this to function without having to dedicate a lot of vertical space to your navbar card.

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  • You've got a limited space because of the canvas the card is displayed in. You'd need to utilize some JavaScript to allow your menu bar to auto-scroll instead of attempting to display the entire menu. This way it'd have a fixed height but still allow you to scroll through all your options.

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  • Here's another example of how it looks after I changed the z-index to 9999... still no dice, @MarkSnodgrass. Also, @GrantSmith - It doesn't feel like the auto-scroll will look right either unless I expand the card real estate - but that won't look esthetically pleasing on the dashboard.... Looking for more ideas...