Calculating the last Tuesday of every other month in MagicETL

Shaye ⚪️
edited January 4 in Beastmode & Analytics

Hello! I have a dataset that has employees and dates they worked. Depending on what days the employee worked, they work in a different location. Currently I am combining the employee and the day of the week into a column named Combine, then using an ETL like this

WHEN `Combine`='JohnSmith3' then 'Building 1' 

to output which building they worked in. Simple but it works, as the days they've worked in different buildings has never changed before now.

However, we now have an employee that works in a different building in the last Tuesday of every other month starting in April (April 26, June 28, etc). Is there a way I can calculate this in a MagicETL? I know I can manually enter each date, as there are not that many of them, but would like to learn how to do this in a more elegant way, as we may have employees begin switching buildings every other week/etc.

Thank you!