How do I remove the "Warning: Not All the Data is Shown" from a filter?

moneyshot The Valley 🟑

I'm adding a filter to categorize our sales into 3 groups. I get this message no matter what settings/chart types I try. Screenshots show all-time for the date field, but when I tried to do the bare minimum needed for the page it's on (one year) I still get the message.

How do I remove this? Any workarounds or alternatives?

Thanks as always for any help.

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  • moneyshot
    moneyshot The Valley 🟑
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    Adding a sort and count aggregation seems to have removed the issue.

    Side note: not being able to remove your own posts is a real bummer.


  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon πŸ₯·

    Yes, I often add the same field into the optional group by and choose to count.

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  • HowDoIDomo
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    Moneyshot, not being able to delete your thread isn't a bummer at all. I had the same issue and found the solution thanks to you!

  • dle
    dle βšͺ️

    I put 100000 in Limit Rows, and the problem goes away.