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levand Budapest, Hungary 🟡


I am facing an issue, and I wondered if there is a way to solve it.

I manage many dashboards, and the client wants to see how many users visit them.

I know there are five datasets belonging to DomoMetrics, but none deal with the dashboard visits, so the DomoStats cannot help me either. I am saying this because I noticed that the views counter doesn't increase when I load the dashboard, but it used to. It grows when I expand the card only.

From this perspective, this mechanism may NOT work in those cases when users don't expand any of the cards.

Any thoughts?



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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
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    @levand ,

    What @GrantSmith is referring to is the [Activity Log] report from Domo Stats.

    It contains all activity in the Domo instance. Look into it for the field [Action] = 'VIEWED' and [Object Type] = 'PAGE' then the [Object_ID] and [Object_Name] will tell you what Dashboard was VIEWED by 'X' User ... [Event_Time] will tell you when that action happened.

    It is just a matter of getting familiar with that dataset and looking closer at things, everything is there like GrantSmith says

    Domo Arigato!

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Have you looked into the activity log dataset from DomoStats? That’ll tell you everything that happens in your instance.

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  • levand
    levand Budapest, Hungary 🟡

    Hi @GrantSmith,

    I specified it in my initial post. Is there something else you can add?

  • levand
    levand Budapest, Hungary 🟡

    I see it now. Thank you for the clarification! That dataset you both mentioned is precisely what I need!