How can I have Dynamic text to provide direct data about a record that is not a KPI but core info

HalD St. Louis ⚪️
edited January 4 in Beastmode & Analytics

So I am newer to Domo and am trying to understand how to set up a dynamic text block.

My objective. After A user chooses an ID or campaign name from a filter. A block of copy (whether through smart text (which does not look possible); or dynamic text block (which may be the right method but can't get it to work) so that we pull specific data related to that selection.

For example, if I had a text block such as this with the [] parenthetical as dynamic data pull of information on that filtered record:

[Campaign name] is [description] and starts on [start date] with a current status of [status].

So there is a campaign and based on the campaign record chosen the values are added.

I have tried smart text but this seems to only provide limited information based on the dataset, the filter, etc and not related to the data itself. I then tried to use dynamic text (, but other than getting an aggregate count of the number of descriptions or something I can't get it set up correctly.

Can anyone help explain how to do this... I can find no videos or directions that I have been able to make work.