Domo Workbench executing jobs on a Group Schedule multiple times

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Hello everyone,

I have multiple Workbench jobs that run on a 4 hour schedule. What I have noticed is that when the jobs run, they run 4 times one after the other like they are trying to catch up to the fact that they did not run in the past 4 hours and now running 4 times they look like they they caught up for an hourly schedule.

This is strange and I have many jobs in this situations. Some of the jobs actually give me an error that they were cancelled because another execution started.

Did anyone else experience this strange behavior?

Thank you


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    Please update your Workbench to 5.2 (available in your Domo instance)



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    Download Domo Workbench

    Contact Support if you have any issues after upgrading to the new version. Thanks


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    we have also opened a ticket 6 months ago and the suggested action was to update WB.

    We did that at the time and the problem dissapearred.

    Thank you