Renaming Columns and NOT breaking cards

I am barely getting started with the vast DOMO world so forgive me if this is an obvious thing.

I was recently creating a dataflow and some cards from that dataflow and decided to test something out. I created the card using a column from that dataflow and then proceeded to change the name of that column in the dataflow. What happened was it "broke" the card and I had to fix it by having it use the "newly renamed column" even though it was the same column.

Is there anyway to avoid this when setting up the card? or is this just something that I need to be aware of when creating the dataflow and knowing how many affected cards there are down the road?

thank you


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Column names are case-sensitive when Domo evaluates if a column is the same or not. For example, ID is different than id for Domo. You can use the Select Columns tile in Magic ETL to rename columns and keep your cards from breaking.

    Hope this helps.

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