How do I create a rate with 1 row of data then filter it by unique cells of another row?

I'm pretty new to Domo and work in healthcare but essentially I have an excel style sheet of data. In 1 of the rows is the list of different admitting providers and in another row it specifies if the patient was inpatient or observation. There is a column/unique account number for every patient in this data sheet.

I am wanting to 1st create a rate percentage of patients admitted via observation over all admitted. So the total sum of observation patients divided into the sum of all admissions inpatient and observation. I then want that rate filtered down to each unique provider so essentially the "Observation admission percentage" for each provider. I cannot figure out how to modify my ETL or create a beast mode to calculate the 1 row of data then filter it by each provider in the other row. I am very new to DOMO so maybe this is easier than I am making it, can someone please help!?


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  • RobSomers
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    For your percentage of patients admitted via observation, you can use a beast mode like the following:

    SUM(case when 'Enc status' = "Observation" then 1 else 0 end)/COUNT('Enc status')

    This will get you the total observation patients divided by the total patients. To get it broken out by provider, you can just let Domo do the work. If you do a table and put the providers as a column, or a chart with providers on the axis, you can use your beast mode as your other column and it will just do the calculations for each one.

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