Why is campaigns front end web development instead of PDF export of dashboard?

Tommy ⚪️
edited March 13 in Datasets

I'm confused as to why one must have front-end web development experience/knowledge to create a campaign report attachment. This just seems like a lot of extra work for no reason. Can't we just link to an existing dashboard that becomes a PDF based on the distribution filters? That just seems like it'd be a lot easier. Am I missing something? Does that functionality already exist? This tool just seems like a massive afterthought. Or maybe if we could at least drag and drop card/text boxes that'd be a significant upgrade too.


  • Those are great suggestions that you can add to the Ideas Exchange. HTML editing gives you much more flexibility with the layout of the message you're attempting to send. If you're not a front end developer I'd recommend looking into WYSIWYG HTML editors which will allow you to more easily design HTML code with drag and drop functionality and then try and put that into the HTML editor for campaigns.

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